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Rabu, 23 November 2011

Summary of Black Magic pes 2011 Cheat | Summary of Black Magic pro evolution soccer 2011 Cheat

Summary of Black Magic pes 2011 Cheat

Winning Eleven 2011 formation tips | cheat Beautiful Heading

These All Trick and Tips taken from The Master of Winning Eleven. Read All the Tips and enjoy the game.

Heading cheat Black Magic pes 2011

Black Magic pes 2011 Cheat formation 'tips | Black Magic Trick: Heading | Goal keeper | Display Strategy

Actually this cheat secret, and the pro gamers who know about this cheat .......

The key is a sudden, the more you make your opponent surprised by what you do, then this cheat more successfully, and goals must be yours .....

First make a sudden movement is from the side of the field by winger you, or any player can ... then if you think your position is still not quite free, directly feed

into the middle to give the striker you ... by pressing, R2 + O could 2x, or R2 + O it can also depend on the position players who would you give the bait ...

Well immediately after that, when the ball was still in the air, directly press the box only once or twice can be a special box if you want your headings brutal ...

Finally a good look, if you're just a ball player, you'd gauge header looks ..... means this cheat you fail to do ... in other words, opponents have know what you do,

your movements may be sudden or less at the time you give feedback is too slow ... gauge at the moment so if you're heading the ball striker does not appear .. means

this cheat successfully, and you can enjoy the Beautiful Heading done by the player who leads you to the goal with a beautiful and definite goal ..... this cheat can

be done over and over - again, I can do as much as 5 times in a row ... what about you?? yes you practice and find out for yourself ... This also is secret strategies

brutality of the pro gamers in a beat up his opponents mercilessly,,, sadistic indeed ... but still ... who controls the number of goals .. he who wins ... That's a

football game ... especially in winning eleven 2011 ntu itself ....


Goal keeper Black Magic pes 2011

we know that the goal keeper or the keeper is the last defense in the game of football, as well as in winning eleven 2011, the goalkeeper play a huge role in the

victory of a team, many say that the goalkeeper in pes was not as bad and stupid in winning the previous eleven. Actually, they think it's wrong, even

in winning eleven 2011 is all goalkeepers from each team could be a super Goalkeeper impenetrable and can be frustrating for the players before the opponent to score a

goal, of course, all this could happen if we knew how, would know how??,

he is the secret: "the L1 and triangle", must have been many who know that the triangle functions to control the goalkeeper, but for what L1??, you'd know myself if I

tried. But there's more secret, so instead of just pressing buttons.

at the time the player settings menu, full bar on the right all 'conf. cursor 'and' on 'right' GK cursor 'that had been off, go into formation settings, and select

individual menu, then click your Goalkeeper menu appears again, select defend then select high., keep in mind, do this each time you change formation , because each

time you change formation settings will return to the beginning again.

strategy change color to green or blue display (important)

That'd cheat from me, but do not expect to cheat this, because this cheat only reduces the chance your opponent scored from 50% to 5% only. Do not forget you also a

defender, because the goalkeeper without the defender is a bad combination.

Please note that this blog contains tips and cheat a high level, so if you are a beginner or just learning, I suggest you first learn all the training options in the

menu, because the tips and cheat below is mostly absent or training beyond the menu, this is what I call The HIDDEN SECRET of winning eleven 2011 and Hidden Secrets of

the WE

You must be wondering why I want to share tips this powerful cheat that has been painstakingly I found from my addiction to playing WE / winning eleven 2011, the

answer is I just want to make the game fair and impartial, yet playing for khan have fun, instead of making stress, also all helping people is the core, but there are

some gamers who might not be impatient, want to master the game and tend cepet lazy to read all the articles I post on this blog, can directly buy it instantnya cheat

tips I recommend ,,, more practical,,, guaranteed good, because you are the same as buying premium cheat tips from me, clearly different from the existing cheat tips

on my blog, some of my little secret cheat and cheat tips specifically for me that I was selling, yes let the same was worth the price .. khan I also have to be fair


Oh yes just info, over time seems to cheat me tips on this blog is also suitable for those of you fans of WE 2010/2011, to be honest I also used the WE is a veteran

who moved to the winning eleven 2011 as visually alluring winning eleven in 2010/2011, but seems the developer winning eleven 2011 already handles this, so for my WE

fans with a friendly welcome in my blog:), after re-assessment survey I:

graphic terms: WE, okay. PES, awesome, good winner = Same

In terms of reality: WE, reality enough. PES, very reality, winner = PES

game system: WE, speed. PES, technique and teamwork, Winner =??, Depending on the gamers themselves, prefer which one. :)

so get on with it, we all

TOP SECRET pes 2011

The main secret or key to victory in the Winning Eleven and pes 2010/2011 there are two:

"Preceding", the sooner the better. That's the first key, so if there is a loose ball and your opponent and you want to capture it, then quickly-quickly pressing the X

button, it can also be applied to bait a breakthrough or even crossing and kicks, this is one way to win the ball possession in the game.

The second secret is "Display Strategy" which is next to the name, certainly a lot of beginners who do not know about this, but for the pro-gamers, this is a basic /

basic science for them, why??, Because this is what makes surprise attack The pro gamers become so brutal opponent is overwhelmed even does not move, then counter

attack that is super fast and deadly, and most importantly the great wall of china defense style full of black magic to the goalkeeper, attracted not want to try??,

this is secret,.

Display Strategy

divided into five colors, namely red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. To change the color up, press L2 and R1, for the color down L2 and press R2 (PS2). For PS3 or PC

different way

The point is like a machine gear on the motor so, if you want to ride the color press L2 and R1, if you want the color down just press L2 and R2 only. if for PS3 L2

button is replaced with the select button, and a select button for the PC is replaced with the Start button, and to change the colors remain the same way with R1 and


want to know the secret behind these colors, see below

red = full attack, this is the secret behind the brutality of the pro gamers,

orange = semi-attack, this is the way your opponent to pressure you or push you in the game, is very effective to put pressure on the opponent.

yellow = standard tempo, this is the way if you want to normalize the tempo of the game (play relaxed).

green = useful to anticipate the opponent's counter attack,

blue = the owner of black magic, is what makes the best defense the style of black magic, where the opponent would be difficult to penetrate your defense or scoring.

useful to create a frustrating opponent.

tips from me, as soon as possible to replace the color-change, the sooner the better. still confused as to what strategy display, the display strategy Learn more here

also learn tips and cheat others are no less powerful this and for those interested

Display Strategy pes 2011

For you who already understand what it displays strategy and understand how to change up and down the color, but still do not fully understand how to optimize its use,

or who have advanced to replace only the color but still less than the opponent, not because there are not confused its own secret strategy in the display is,

therefore, its function is very frontal and could influence the course of the attack, display strategy can also affect the condition of the player itself.

For that go directly to the point, below are some tips to anticipate the opponent's change of strategy display so that you can win the ball posession and control the

course of the match:

if the display is yellow opponent, you can simply change your display to orange or red, but remember, it should be done in the area of ​​the opponent, because if not you

then who actually trouble getting the ball.

if the opponent display an orange, it was a sign opposite was preparing an attack or have been left behind scores of our goals and want to immediately retaliate. you

just change your display color to green or blue, but I suggest a better orange first, when it began to be overwhelmed, then you lower the color to blue for the full

defend. But stay alert to the possibility of a goal that is happening.

if the display is red opponent, the opponent will attack with full brutal and offensive, Direct as soon as you change the display color to blue, with this percentage

opponent's attack and the opponent scoring opportunities will be reduced to 5% only. If you can snatch the ball from the opponent then that's a good time to do the

counter attack. Remember to do a counter attack to change your display to orange or red, because if not, it would be useless to counter attack your attacks.

If the display is opposed to green or blue, this is usually done when the opponent scores have surpassed us and intend to defend it or because it was close to the time

lost time (game over). Then how do we respond to even the score a goal or even win the game??, Do not panic, immediately change your display color to red (full

offensive) because for a moment like this, final attack is the primary choice, but remember do not rush - rush, Arrange the attack as possible, and do not get

complacent, because this condition will also be easier for the opponent to do the counter attack. so stay calm, because if the quiet road to score goals will manifest


Good luck.

Black Magic Formation cheat Edit pes 2011

back to cheat which I discussed this time is a secret cheat edit the position, there may be some of you are just setting you understand the random formation was named

self-taught, well, if you know the secret you guys are doing exactly what it is to give outstanding results of course, of Just that, well the secret is, it

specifically for gamers who like to play formations or industrious than his skill game in the game, well this is a secret, if you want to put one of the players you

are where you want to have the intention to give a surprise by placing in areas that in fact strange or absurd, yes I do not know how the play's plot each of you and

also your mind, yes you are obviously crazy imagination is just another word,,, well you prepare one of the players clothes that have a special ability positioning,

also a nice place it in the line of the opponent's penalty box, so take a good position to capitalize on corner kicks as well,,,

but that's not the point here, which you put your imagination that's crazy to some place in the field, and specify what his position is just right and the related

among each other, and then select the players you who have special abilities such as the above was the positioning, nah guaranteed, if you give feedback to the player,

he will swiftly receive a ball with a calm and beautiful, and the value plusnya is he will not be affected by the ability an opponent who was determined to cut bait

ball to the player you are you're going earlier, this also serves to marauding special abilities, place players with special abilities a bit towards the wings of this

type, especially if you have a front player with this ability, is guaranteed if he gets the ball it will be more frequent escapes, and special again is, if you give

feedback breakthrough flat to marauding players with special abilities is then 90% I guarantee you, he will be kicked from the first time with success feedback even

earlier,,, and their movements were more clever and tends to fool the defender,,,, just try it if you do not believe it,, ,

Black Magic Cheat 5 Brutal Attack pes 2011

Now make the loyal visitors of this blog, tell me how to overcome the impasse all the gamers who feel the attacks are always easy on the break, in other words they are

always doing the same attack techniques,, ie-that's it ... but without us knowing our opponents realize we already know the way the game ... therefore I tell ya how to

overcome them ... okay as efficacious one science I won the game so ... OK ... just ....

The first method of attack that the wing attack ... many who know about it, even I myself have mastered in this ... gamers must also be able to all ... because this

attack is the most effective plus is most easily accomplished than the other attacks that require calculations, the speed, accuracy and courage to do so., rather than

underestimate, but it's true, because by choosing this attack, we indirectly avoiding battle with the defender opponents by relying on our speed. NB: (beware Side back

who has above average speed), ... This attack usually ends with the individual himself, kick ball canon off the field diagonally, or crossing to a friend in the

contract penalty opponent ..

Central attack method (diameter), a few people who dared to do this attack technique ... because the risk is very large, but if it got away from the defender, the

goalkeeper is meaningless because of stumbling scoring chances in this way is greater than the other attacks .. the origin of our players have a body balance and

dribble accuracy are qualified, we can end it past the goalkeeper with a chip shot or a kick or a regular but I suggest you know what options you should do so not in

vain attacks that you have made .. because the stamina stakes.

Method of attack midfield, why I call the middle of the field, because this is the method of attack long-range shot, how to do that when you run the player directly

spontaneously immediately press the direction + box above to gauge until half ... or by pressing the button box can be fitted according to its origin gauge each of you

feel ... this attack is carried out if we are dealing with a strong defender, while the players ahead of us is not worth it to deal directly ... , Because often

successful even in its legend Become though ... definitely hooked .. Try to do this trick with a player who has special abilities ... Long Shot to increase the

percentage of success, but that does not mean the player who has no special abilities can not be .. because it requires precision timing .. feeling and courage as well


Kick off a quick attack method Individuals, Here's an antique and unique attack strategy requires display .. .. because the trust can not believe these attacks are

often successful as long as we believe in our players ... this is a lot of quick attacks performed by the Pro gamers when they conceded ... watch out for attacks like

this ... should not be underestimated ... because it indirectly we are fighting against us emotionally with our guts as if pitted against each other ... so if you are

careless, then the result is a conceded way back ... that is after the kick off individual players can dribble diagonally or directly in a straight ... itself a

creative gamers to find a gap to one-on-1 with the keeper ... typically use veteran players who have or are well known for its ability to dribble the ball ...

Method of fast attack Counter attack ... This is the attack that if I can say that the display is the key strategy, the conditions you must change the strategy are

already proficient in the display as soon as possible ... this attack is absolutely not use the middle row, so after we managed to get the defender passed the ball

straight away to players wing leading edge or even directly to our strikers, consequently our opponents topsy turvy ... many players who left his post ... really like

the wolf attacks Haus Gol, very brutal and vicious ... so the role of frontal SB or CB is here ... CB or SB if you do a mediocre mending done because even otherwise,

the way the ball can break the opponent and lead his own blunders, because our turns topsy-turvy (backfire) ...

so first update this time ... My advice do not enjoy the game itself but wise in making the best decisions that can be done when it

Black Magic cheat Side Attack pes 2011

This wing attack is one of my mainstay in the face of my enemies, because more wide space shot and bait. To your followers or adherents attacked this wing wing attack

other formations such as 4-4-2, you must apply this knowledge, because it proved wing attacks on the winning eleven 2011 is more deadly than the middle attack is where

a lot of stress or frustration because it takes hard work brain is more to attack or direct attack from the middle of this, if you do not believe it, try it. Moreover,

many of my opponents who complained about my wing attacks that often destroys their defense and scored with one blow short, interesting is not it. For that this is the


Strategy displays, the most important thing and should never be forgotten, once you are off guard, the effect will be very detrimental to you. but once you are adept

at using it, jagna surprised if the effect will be greatly benefit you. Change the display color to orange or red to carry out attacks.

winger who has a running speed is above average, or players who have dribble speed and dribble accuracy is above average as well.

when the winger who took up the opposite corner of the field, you have 2 options:

can you bring the ball directly into the penalty box and scoring goals or simply to destroy the opponent's defense and then give the ball to the midfielders who are

out of town then kicked a penalty to first-time shoot, or feed forward which will put his ball with a header ball which charming. To do so, press R2 + O 2x (for giving

feedback) and then immediately after that press R2 + box directly to the ball, although many opponents defender guarding the player you are, do not worry, because you

can still forward to header the ball perfectly and enter it into the opposing goal.

Black Magic cheat R2 Top Secret Function pes 2011

R2 buttons which usually only technique we use to dribble the ball was a lot of their role, even a very frontal once their usefulness, for that there are certain

conditions for the tips that I will give the following, namely:

Try already proficient in display strategy strategy in which the display more quickly flipping color displays,

Once proficient, whatever you do, be it dribble the ball, give feedback, or steal the ball always use R2, ie when the ball press R2 + X at the same time, the time to

steal the ball as well use the R2 and X simultaneously, and so on. REMEMBER!!, Do you use to kick, kick you will be weak and easily guessed, and use it occasionally

passes a second pass on if you feel unable to penetrate the opponent's defense area alone, because soccer is a team game, for the uninitiated One Two way pass is below


1 on two pass horizontally = L1 then X, wait comrade forward and be in proper position and press triangle.

1 on 2 pass bounced = L1 then X, for feedback press L1 and triangle.

NB: try playing with tactical passes horizontally or stomach, having to deal with the goalie try to use first-time shoot by giving feedback to colleagues and then

immediately shooting, because first-time shoot very strong in this game. good luck and have fun.

Black Magic cheat attacking Spartan pes 2011

This time I will lay out the science spartan to all of you, certainly from the name alone you must have been confused, it's how ya spartan technique?, From the spartan

name, must be obvious that the game quite hard, because it is spartan famous such case, so This technique essentially relies on body balance, probably a lot of

disparaging, even though your body balance its parameters fine, but if you can not use his body balance, yes tantamount to lying,

What the world says winning eleven 2011 ..????

Anyway just simple trick, technique works fine,, so not want to try impatient yes,,,,

To attack, frequently using the L1 button, either at run or scramble the ball,

or even when a duel with an opponent, if the body balancemu good, the opponent will wander blindly punch hit tub ...

Meanwhile, to survive, especially if you head to head with opponents who carried the ball, just press R2 to the winning eleven 2011 2009 / 2010, if that for winning

eleven 2011, press X only, plus the box is still misbehaving players as well if his opponent to escape .

Special if you want to grab the ball with opponents chasing you, I suggest press box, but took it in a way to cut it from the side, so speed is very reliable here ..

If you want to do this spartan strategy for defense that is taking the last box, the side effects your player will lose its balance, because the box is not directly

overlook zone marking the player, along with his friends ...

Still to do this cheat, do not be too forced, if your player in a green condition or On Fire, this technique is very effective at all, but if conditions are blue or

purple, mending play bait, because the point here is spartan technique stamina and strength. .. any strong side also has a weak side, so do not be surprised if a

technique in somewhat less frequently in demand by pro gamers, because it is very risky disrupt the pattern of their own game, but it never hurts to try and use it at

your best, ok let benefits .... Destroy EVERYTHING

Many are still confused how to do the salto kick it, but some say could happen, from one of the loyal visitors to my blog, and her wedding know how ... .. so easy to


Beautiful Black Magic cheat Goal Scoring Winning Eleven 2011

origin there are conditions that must be fulfilled before you, not many conditions, only 2 talaga

You must have a player's technique 85 and over, but the higher the technique the more frequent players are trying to get kicked salto when crossing from a friend, my

advice is just try to have a player's technique and above about 90 ..

A good last salto can only be done if we get the ball crossing the lower, so if you give feedback to your friends who are in the penalty box with a high crossing pass

(ie, the R2 + O) then up to 95 and above technique was not going in salto by the player, because it is vulnerable and can be risky, would be in the header by the

player, even if the salto salto definitely bad (not perfect), so use a low crossing just by pressing the R2 button + O2x, would have salto, salto kick because its core

is a sudden kick, if high crossing pake ya ... not a surprise anymore his name, but the brawl .. hahaha .. sorry slipped out.

Well if you've malakukan two conditions above, then the powerful salto is none other than ... (Press Box + Directions Top) .. This is why we often spend salto kick

fortuitous, because the gamers were often forgotten by the button towards the top of this, perhaps because too enjoy the game itself, and fitting out would

inadvertently push the button, so the results are less than the maximum ...

So That's it for updates tan this time, next time I will connect okay ... so if there are questions that prop, do not save it .. just ask .. Who knew I could help ...

because of the great gamers are gamers who are hungry for the secrets of the game itself .. so the game becomes more interesting.

survived somersault

Black Magic cheat Pressure pes 2011

time I will discuss about how to deal with pressure from opponents, why is this so important?, because many gamers who conceded a goal since the pressure itself, well

this time I'll tell you how to make the pressure the opponent to counter-attack counter attack for us. ...

How easy it ....

When you think things are getting serious ... for example, the opponent has managed to make your precious defenders out of the penalty box, then without much talk,

immediately change your display strategy into blue ... very effective, then do not grab the ball with two people at once .. DANGEROUS, because if the opponent

successfully makes you deploy your second defender to steal the ball from his players, then the opponent the opportunity to direct kick toward the goal ... why

dangerous .. because the defender very important role to break the opponent's kick into the net,,, to help the goalie, goalkeeper khan when acting solely, later

stamina runs out, your opponent can debauchery happens.

Wear a team that has the ability defender stats above 80 or 85 to defend his same body balance ... your defense is guaranteed safe ..

If you can snatch the ball from an opponent, a direct attack by giving the ball to your players who have speed and body balance or dribble that could easily pass

through the opponent players, do not forget to display your strategy, because it really helps to retain the ball so as not to easily captured the opponent, if you've

done it all, immediately ran up to the area around the opponent's penalty box, and then wait for your friend-friend who promptly ran right up and ask for the ball ...

note that ... And REMEMBER, beware defend the opponent leader, a kind of Rio Ferdinand, Puyol and Terry etc.,

because they can break the attack counterattack that you have made and turned against the goal you are already topsy-turvy because you already planned a

counterattack,,, so if you see any chance of either sooner or later, shortly reflexively do it, would be useful to add moral players you the other, although it is not

fruitful goal.

Lastly and most importantly, if the opponent managed to put the ball even though you've done the above methods as I taught ..., emotion and you do not rush to put

behind ... why?, because this is the trick to make your opponent lose concentration and calm you, and if this happens then to the next game immediately select only the

top teams that you think can make you win the next game, usually khan if we lost the match, we can indirectly know the opponent's rhythm game and try to anticipate as

well as behind the opponent's pressure,,, believe ...

But you do not try to rush and lose your rhythm, especially if you wear your favorite team, if you lose your favorite team you would limp ... correct?, unless you have

no favorite team, ... your game is like a vicious fighter engine, but you will find it tasteless and can not take pleasure in the game itself .. So much from me this

time ... and .....

Congratulations Survived The Gamers

This time according to my promise, I'll give cuilan hidden from cheat-cheat or cheat my powerful sniper, by giving the picture of the extent to which it can be called

a cheat still powerful and telling themselves, so from that you will be more confident with cheat-cheat premium I sell on this blog, so to clarify it, you'll also not

curious, then I chipped a bit of cheat my Dark or Black Magic in this opportunity, in order to cheat the hidden tour de post,,, then I will lay out how to anticipate

the attack counter attack the opponent, because I know,,, definitely a lot of gamers who scramble when facing opponents counter attack,,, so anyway .. of course lah, I

also sometimes overwhelmed haha,,, but it was, khan now dah tau anti counter attack this way .... hehe:)

Black Magic Anti Cheat Counter pes 2011

well to form a good user of black magic and even Expert,,, practically set in stone, you should be able to anticipate the counter attack as well dong, indeed, well

how, easily, the first display you change your strategy to be green, not blue-green must remember, then it must stay behind your back 2-3 remaining, well knowing this

you must not make undue haste pressing opponent, remember that gamers are not playing quality pressings carelessly attached to opposing players, but they cut her off

the ball or just a shadow opposing players to cut or break the crossing bait or lures in short,,,,

you play well this time shadowing an opponent's how to press R2 + or R2 + X Box, eclipsed continued movement of the opponent, until the players you back down to the

area or their respective headings and automatic of course if this happens then the opponent will not be had a chance to score alias GATOT counter attack your opponent

(Failed Total) haha, you survived the fast attack your opponent, is also remembered in this case if the opponent is too make you desperate, so if your opponent is

tough, then the best way is, change display a blue strategy if the opponent is very near your penalty box

Black magic cheat Chip Shoot pes 2011

This time I will explain one of my favorite techniques, and recently I found,,, his name is technically a chip shot, from the name alone is a chip shot, yes,,, this is

a weak kick or juggling shot, well the difference between magical chip shot with an ordinary chip shot is,,, aka chip shot we anesthetize the goalkeeper and the

defender,,, weird is not it, because our players when making a chip shot is in a state run and after a chip shot of any player we continued his run ... slang is not,

and consequently the goalkeeper and the defender as if drugged and silent, while we shot the ball with a beautiful chip over the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper without

realizing just realized when the ball has been passed and yielded a goal for our beautiful ,,,, well the way he is ,,,,,

This kick is different from a chip shot usually kicks like a chip shot kick low, kick high but similar to the chip shot, the difference between the reaction shown

cuman goalkeeper and defender only difference, if they are amazed you managed to do this technique my chip shot,,,

First you press L1 while running with R1 first and then you tap the box to make the chip shotnya, remember!!, The button should you press L1 fixed,,, now the secret is

when you press box, you add a button Direction / right direction buttons to forward (the most important thing ),,,,

if you are facing right players and then you press the button box was the right direction quickly,,, and vice versa if you are facing to the left,,, to gauge your own

set, not too little,, more than half, depending on your distance to the guard chip shot goal when doing this

cheat cheat chip shot including the old, and not too difficult to do well, although the exact timing of factors very influential for this cheat, may have been many who

know this cheat because it's just pressing the L1 button and the box. But the thing is, in winning eleven 2011 is an opportunity to enter the ball with a chip shot is

small, approximately 20% of course, all this cheat users, including myself who favored this cheat will be very disappointed with this, because I know that diving cheat

in winning Eleven 2011 is still quite powerful to beat the goalkeeper, but why not a chip shot.

Here I will show you one trick that will be very embarrassing cheat to beat the opponent goalkeeper, I named this cheat with New chip shot, no matter how greatly, but

the effect is very embarrassing.

1. when you are dealing with the goalie, shooting just as usual, but remember the power bar and not a lot.

2. here's the key, so after you press the shooting and that it is the box, then immediately press L1, then that was considered normal by the goalkeeper kicks the

opponent, will turn into a pretty kick a chip shot and the goalie would not be able to move slightly longer by trying to reach a ball that would never be in reach.

so basically if the chip shot is a L1 + regular box, then diving chip shot is the opposite ie, L1 + Box

Black Magic Trick Formation Powerful pes 2011

So just for setting a powerful formation, the most important component in the navigation team strategy ... especially if you are proficient, you can play

automatically, for example, has not yet been goal-only and creates a beautiful game which resulted in a goal that is not also less beautiful in seconds ... want to

know how?,

first select the menu team formation strategy at the main menu, then on his own pilik that the name change game plan if not wrong, then setting it to auto game plan on

his own part, continued to exist like the khan A1, A2, L2, A3, if you pick the right game plan for setting auto, because by choosing an auto you do not need a lot of

pressing the button while playing because it will run automatically ... after that the A1, A2 and so did you put in:

center attack,

opp. side attack, or change your side (to anticipate the existence of man marking made against you on one of your players) offside trap, and the last one on the

counter attack


for which are still confused means you include people who are lazy to explore the PES itself, because the game plan is already there since winning eleven first

appeared on the PS One, to which are familiar but still do not understand its function must have known this.

For the second in team menu strategy you must know there is a menu where you must choose an AC for the back line as well as for the offside trap, I'd suggest if using

a team of top dressing to all .. B if you use a standard team A change to all, good for the back line as well as for the offside trap .. why?, because this tactic

offside trap for you, so often managed to stop the opponent's attack, the pro gamers just sometimes makes this trick to make them invincible defense, because it is

more efficient than having to tell the players behind him to snatch the ball from the opponent that in fact not necessarily succeed. after that you guys stayed with

technical strategy-added display .. potent guaranteed ..

Tips to win the game ...

frequently use the R2 button for your defense.

Do not forget your display strategy, consent to display the number 1 strategy, focus on the game number 2 (the secret of mastering the game)

press the feed, feed the stomach, or a breakthrough bait and shooting more than once and try to fast .. This is useful to add accuracy and power to bait and kick you

been .. try it if you do not believe it.

For a free kick just try to wear the button box .. without any other buttons except for the extra kick for only sharpen plus X or triangle button when the kick is

made, use the R2 button also does nothing (just for the confident will his ability to handle free kicks)

and the latter try to play in a position of quiet but fierce in every attack you, and try not be too hasty except in the opponent's penalty box, because sometimes a

lot of gamers are in a hurry in the middle row or in rows behind him ended with a blunder for himself own .. all of these tips serve to surprise your opponent and to

prevent idleness in your defense ..

pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 Pro

Evolution Soccer 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 Pro Evolution

Soccer 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011

pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 Pro

Evolution Soccer 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 Pro Evolution

Soccer 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011

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Soccer 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011

pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 Pro

Evolution Soccer 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 Pro Evolution

Soccer 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011

pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 Pro

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Soccer 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011 pes 2011

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